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How to Maintenance Your Comb

Thu, 2020-05-28
  • Maintenance: Regular play can make the surface of the combs more lustrous. Take
    care not to drop them to avoid destroying their lacquer surface. Strong light and
    intense heat will make the wood and lacquer surface stretch. Due to the different
    expansion coefficients, the stretch may cause fine cracks on the lacquer surface and
    damage the appearance of the combs.

  • Storage: Please put the combs on the desktop or dressing table after using them at
    home. Do not store them with sundries, otherwise it may cause the deformation of
    comb body, which is not easy to recover. Prevent the combs from rubbing against
    hard objects in bag or handbag to avoid scratches on their lacquer surface.

  • Cleaning: Do not put the combs in warm water while cleaning yourself up. Be careful
    to avoid soaking them in water for a long time to prevent the pigment from separating
    out. Brush the combs gently with a soft brush while cleaning them and dry them
    promptly with a towel after cleaning.

  • Weakness: The combs are made from natural materials with strength parallel to grain.
    Do not soak the combs, expose them to strong sunlight, pull or throw them hard,
    knocking them against hard objects, rub or scratch them.

  • 保养:经常把玩可以使梳子表面更加光泽,注意不要将梳子摔落,避免摔坏梳子漆面。强

  • 存放:在家中使用后请置于桌面或化妆台等台面上,切勿与杂物一起存放,否则可能引起

  • 清洁:在梳洗过程中,请不要将梳子置于温水中,切忌在水中长时间侵泡,以免出现色素

  • 弱点:天然材质皆顺纤维制作,忌泡水、曝晒、用力拉、摔、硬物碰撞、摩擦和划伤。
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