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Black Base Gold Dragon Design | Alloy Chopsticks And Holders Dining Set


LENGTH: 27 cm


DESIGN: Black Base Gold Dragon

MEANING: The Chinese dragon is the ultimate symbol of the cosmic energy qi 气 and the most powerful symbol of good fortune. Ranked first among mythical beasts, it can bring rain to parched lands, which in turn represents abundance and relief. A dragon and phoenix (king of all winged creatures) symbolise the emperor and empress as well as marital bliss. The dragon is often used as an emblem of high rank and power on the robes of emperors and princes as well as on imperial art objects

PACKAGE : Chopstick + Rest

FEATURE: High quality / Dishwasher Safe / no easy to break off

As a gift “筷子 (kuàizi)” represent “快乐 (kuàilè) happiness” in Chinese culture. During a festival or birthday, Chinese people like to give pairs of chopsticks to friends or relatives; it means that they are giving them “happiness.”

About Us

In 2005, we established our company ‘Hwa Yi Investments Co Pte. Ltd’. We have been growing our local brand “Orchid Chopsticks” for more than 15 years and we are the sole distributor for “TanMujiang” in Singapore. For the past decade, we have been working relentlessly in improving our products’ quality and details to make sure they are well crafted, innovative yet meaningful as gifts. We focus on providing premium customized gifts at an affordable price for all of our customers around the globe. Currently, we own “Orchid Chopsticks” which has several series of products: Chopsticks, Fan, Scarf & Shawl, Tea and Tea Sets. While for “Tan Mujiang”, it is specializing in combs. With our own local design team and partnership with more than 40+ global suppliers, we are serving both B2B and B2C customers. Our Vision and Mission is to provide high quality, innovative and meaningful gifts to our customers while to be the best gift provider in Singapore.

In total, we have 3 physical shops in Chinatown, Singapore for “Orchid Chopsticks” and 1 physical shop in Suntec City for “Tan Mujiang” offline.

Suntec City: 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-366 Singapore 038983

Chinatown: 25 Trengganu St. / 42 pagoda St. /63 pagoda St.

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