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Carved Dragon and Phoenix Design | Ebony Wood Chopsticks and Holders Dining Set Wedding Gift


LENGTH: 24 cm

MATERIAL: Ebony Wood + Silver 

PACKAGE: Chopstick + Rest

FEATURE: High-quality Wood  / No easy to break off / Nice Gift 


Dragon The Chinese dragon is the ultimate symbol of the cosmic energy qi 瘞 and the most powerful symbol of good fortune. Ranked first among mythical beasts, it can bring rain to parched lands, which in turn represents abundance and relief. A dragon and phoenix (king of all winged creatures) symbolise the emperor and empress as well as marital bliss. The dragon is often used as an emblem of high rank and power on the robes of emperors and princes as well as on imperial art objects.

Phoenix  The phoenix is the ‘king of birds’ and symbolises good fortune and opportunity as it appears only in times of peace and prosperity. In Chinese mythology, the phoenix is a benevolent bird since it does not harm insects, and each of its body parts represents one of the virtues of benevolence (ren 隞 ), righteousness (yi 蝢), propriety (li 蝷), knowledge (zhi ) and sincerity (xin 靽). The phoenix is also the symbol for the empress and, shown with the dragon, it stands for a perfect marriage. 

As a gift “蝑瑕 (kuàizi)” represent “敹思 (kuàilè) happiness” in Chinese culture.

During a festival or birthday, Chinese people like to give pairs of chopsticks to friends or relatives.

It means that they are giving them “happiness.”

For elders: Live for a blissful long life together.   

For friends: Go through thick and thin.                

For a couple: Together forever.                          

For children: Grow up strongly and happily.       

For newly married: Double happiness. 

1. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.
2. The colour may have different as the difference display, please understand. 

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